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National Volunteer Week is April 27 – May 3

Hudson, FL (April 30, 2008) - Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point Volunteer Organization Announce 1st Quarter Volunteer Award Winners.

On Thursday, April 24 the Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point Volunteer organization announced winners of their “5 Star Volunteers of the Quarter Awards” and “1 Star Volunteer of the Quarter Awards”. Employees, fellow volunteers and visitors nominate individuals for the awards. Volunteer winners of the quarterly awards included:

Joseph Diglio who started volunteering in December, 2006. He has 756 volunteer hours. Joe volunteers as a Greeter at Welcome Center A on Monday mornings and also volunteers as a Courtesy Cart Driver on Saturday afternoons.  His friendly disposition and warm smile is the first thing visitors see when they come through the front door. He always goes out of his way to help visitors, volunteers, vendors and staff whether they are lost or need information. As a cart driver he will drive an extra shift whenever he is asked. Joe is truly a wonderful example of the volunteer spirit.

Pauline O’Connell started volunteering at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point in October 2003 and has 3,805 volunteer hours.  Pauline volunteers in our Welcome Center A and willingly accepted the job of Chairperson of Welcome Center A. She is very kind and helpful to all the many visitors. If she isn’t sure of an answer she gets it for them one way or another. Pauline is an excellent teacher. She makes sure all of the new volunteers are trained properly. She comes in numerous times to make sure new volunteers at Welcome A are comfortable with their new role. Pauline truly is a 5 Start Volunteer.

Gerald Tobianski started volunteering in September 1999. Jerry has 18,947 volunteer hours. He started out at Welcome Center B but has been Treasurer of the Volunteer Organization since 2002. He always has time to answer any question a volunteer may have and helps Gift Shop volunteers all the time in a very kind manner.  Jerry keeps a caring and concerned eye on the volunteer’s finances. He is a joy to work with and an true example of a 5 Star Volunteer.

Catherine Hahn started volunteering in June 2003. Kay has 1,206 volunteer hours. Kay volunteers in Welcome Center A.  She always greets visitors with a big smile and pleasant voice. She is kind to the staff, and visitors acknowledging their presence with kind words. Kay certainly deserves the 1 Star Appreciation Award.

John McFadden started volunteering in December 2003 and has 690 volunteer hours. John volunteers in the CCU Waiting Room. His is extremely helpful to family members. He helps keep the area neat and clean and helps to keep the patient rooms stocked. When the Chairperson was ill John came in and helped to train a new volunteer and helped out in other areas. He always has a smile on his face and certainly goes above and beyond making him deserving of the 1 Star Appreciation Award.