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Volunteer 5-Star Award Winners Announced

May 05, 2011

Hudson, FL – Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point has announced the recipients of its first quarter Volunteer Five Star and One Star Awards. The recipients for the Five Star Award are Harold Flory, Jeffrey Abshire and Mary Servodio.

Photo:  Left to right:  Jeffrey Abshire, Marianne Vigilis, Manager Volunteer Services,  Harold Flory, Mary Servodio, Beemal Shah, COO

Harold Flory started volunteering in August, 2009 and he has 2,141 hours.  Harold is a very special Cart Driver. He comes in Monday – Friday, before 7:30 am, to drive patients up the hill to the Outpatient Lab. Harold is very patient and understanding with all the visitors and patients. He is the person who puts the smile on the faces of the early bird arrivals for blood work and other tests. As he drives patients up the hill he also meets and greets employees and visitors coming in during the early hours. No one is left without a good wish for the day. For what Harold has shown in his personal character, his ability to handle problems, his thoughtfulness of others he is truly deserving of the 5 Star Volunteer Award.

Jeffrey Abshire started volunteering in March 2010 and has 2,067 hours. Jeff volunteers as a Courier and in Food and Nutrition. Jeff has received many commendations from patients and visitors who all say how helpful, courteous and upbeat he is. No job is too large or too small. He is always ready to “step up to the plate” and do an excellent job.  Jeff is one of the hardest working volunteers we have and his tireless devotion to our patients, staff and visitors is the reason he is deserving of the 5 Star Volunteer award.

Mary Servodio started volunteering in January 2007, and has 1,568 hours. Mary volunteers in the Surgical Waiting Room. She is very kind and helpful to all the visitors and handles worried family members with compassion and kindness. What makes Mary happy is to know that she has been there to comfort and help anyone who needs her help. She is always ready to substitute when someone cannot come in to volunteer because she knows how important it is to keep the Surgical Waiting Room covered. Mary also helps with fundraisers for the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society and other volunteer projects. You may have seen her recently helping sell the little cherries to raise money for the Relay for Life. Mary is truly deserving of the 5 Star Volunteer Award.

The recipient of the One Star Award for the first quarter is Lillian Palmer.

Lillian Palmer started volunteering in April 2001 and has over 1,783 hours at Welcome D.   Lillian has a very pleasant personality and this comes through as she speaks to the patients and family. She is well liked by all of the staff in the Admitting area. Lillian is a dedicated 10 year volunteer who deserves this 1 Star Volunteer Achievement Award.


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