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Daniel Chan, MD

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Daniel Chan, MD

Dr. Daniel Chan, MD. graduated from the University of Texas-San Antonino.

Completed  his Fellowship at Florida Orthopedic Institute, Specialty area ORS-Orthopedic Trauma Surgery.

His office ( Florida Orthopaedic Institute) is located at 130 N. Telecom Pkwy. Tampa Florida 33637.

Medical Education & Training

Medical School: University of Texas-San Antonio,Texas
Internship: University of Texas Southwestern
Residency: University of Southwestern
Fellowship: Florida Orthopaedic Insitute

Procedures and Conditions

Treats musculoskeletal conditions, such as fractures or sprains. Treats injury resulting from spine disorders, hip disorders and sports injuries.

Accepted Insurance

Most Insurances Accepted





Daniel Chan, MD


Orthopedic Surgery
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Daniel Chan, MD

Office Locations

Florida Orthopaedic Institute
13020 N. Telecom Parkway
Tampa, FL 33637
Phone: (813) 978-9700
Fax: (813) 972-5055