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2012 Frist Humanitarian Award Winners Announced

2012 Frist Award Winners

Hudson, FL– Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point has announced that its 2012 Frist Humanitarian Awards were presented to the following: the Employee Frist Humanitarian Award was presented to Linda Malone, RN, of the Wound Care Center. The Physician Frist Humanitarian Award was presented to Dr. K.S. Kumar, MD and the Volunteer Frist Humanitarian Volunteer Award was presented to Albert Del Santo.

The Frist Humanitarian Award honors outstanding individuals for humanitarian and volunteer services. Named in honor of the late Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr., founder of HCA and renowned humanitarian, this award recognizes individuals whose daily dedication and care-giving epitomizes the highest standards of quality and personal commitment.

Three awards are given annually at each HCA hospital. One recognizes an HCA associate who goes beyond day-to-day responsibilities and their overall service to the community. Another recognizes an HCA volunteer who gives unselfishly in their service to the facility. A third award is announced to a physician who best epitomizes Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr.’s commitment to the communities in which we serve.

The employee and volunteer winners receive a $250 savings bond. The physician receives a donation of $1,000 to the charity of choice. Each winner also receives a Frist Lapel Pin, a plaque, a parking pass in the physicians parking lot for one full year, their picture on the display at the front entrance and will go on to compete for the 2012 National Frist Humanitarian Award.

Our two runner-up nominees will receive a certificate and a beautiful dish garden, which they can pick up after the ceremony. Please come forward as I call your name.

The hospital award winners go on to compete for the 2012 National Frist Award. If selected as a National Frist Award winner, they and a guest will be invited to Nashville, Tennessee in May where they will attend a reception in their honor by Dr. Tommy Frist, Jr. and other HCA leadership. They will also receive a bronze statue, a $5,000 gift to the charity of their choice and a $5,000 cash gift. The physician recipient will receive a $10,000 gift to the charity of his or her choice and a bronze statue.

The nominees for the 2012 Frist Humanitarian Awards are as follows:

Employee nominees were:

  • Tina Burgess – Infusion Center
  • Linda Malone – Wound Care Center
  • Marianne Vigilis – Volunteer Services

Physician nominees were:

  • Dr. K.S. Kumar, M.D.
  • Dr. Randolph, M.D.
  • Dr. Rudy Kunhardt, M.D.

Volunteer nominees were:

  • Diane Ricca
  • William McKeon
  • Albert Del Santo

Linda Malone, RN has worked for Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point for over 23 years as a Registered Nurse in the Wound Care Center providing excellent patient care. Linda is well respected by her peers and the physicians, which is evident in the nominations and letters of recommendation she has received. “Linda has made me a better physician” commented one of our Wound Care physicians. This compliment epitomizes the type of care Linda provides to her patients. She has a reputation as a remarkable patient advocate that goes to great lengths to ensure her patients are receiving the care and education they need in order to help them through the healing process.

The Wound Care staff describes Linda as “the most caring and compassionate nurse” and “I don’t think our center would be the same without her.” Linda often goes above and beyond in assisting her patients, from donating food, money and coordinating resources to assist the patient. One of Linda’s peers wrote: “I have personally witnessed Linda spend her own money on groceries for patients in need. The thing that makes Linda stand out among the others is that she would never want anyone to know that she does these things. She just does them because they need to be done.”

Dr. K.S. Kumar, M.D. is a well respected physician by patients and colleagues alike. His colleagues describe him as “kind, compassionate, and always willing to do more than expected for his patients.” Dr. Kumar has a reputation as a selfless physician who works hard to provide quality and individualized care to his patients. He takes an interest in each one of them as a person, making them feel as though he has all the time in the world to answer any of their questions. His motto for his office is “the patients are our boss, and we work for them.”

This motto has personally affected his staff members who have told us; “Every year during the holidays, Dr. Kumar takes his hospital gift certificate and donates it to a patient’s family that may not be so fortunate. This past year, he chose to give his gift certificate to a patient raising her grandson. He sent not only food, but also a gift card to make sure the child had something under the tree.”

“We had an employee that was under unexpected financial stress due to a spouse passing away and another whose child became ill. The first thing Dr. Kumar does is willingly open his heart and his wallet to help them. He tells them not to worry and to take care of what they need to.”

For years, Dr. Kumar has anonymously donated food to local homeless shelters to feed everyone. During world events, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and other disasters he sends relief funds to the American Red Cross or organizations closest to the crisis. It is truly the act of an exemplary individual to show, both on a personal and professional level, such respect and kindness to those he serves. We feel privileged to have such a well respected and compassionate physician and friend within our community.

Albert Del Santo has volunteered at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point for more than 25 years, beginning as a Courier and now a Cart Driver logging over 7690 merit hours. In 2006, Al received the prestigious Five Star Volunteer Award in which he was nominated by his peers because of his commitment to serving others. Al has also volunteered at one of our sister facilities, Community Hospital for two years while he lived in Holiday, Florida.

Al spends a great deal of his free time volunteering and giving back to his community in various ways. Al had been a member of the Neighborhood Watch in the Timber Oaks community. His dedication and vigilance to keep the community safe is part and parcel of who Al is. In addition to volunteering at RMCBP and within his community, Al also volunteers at Bear Creek Nursing Center and the Father Felix Ulrich Knights of Columbus Council where he helps with bingo on a weekly basis. “Al’s one of the reasons, I think my wife goes to bingo each week. Just so she can get a big hug from him.”

Al has been described by his peers “always friendly and smiling” and “His smile says it all.” These comments are only a few of the many compliments Al receives from patients, visitors, and hospital staff alike. According to his fellow cart drivers, Al takes the time to help visitors find where they parked and doesn’t rush them along, like others might want to. He will even drive them around to each lot to help them locate their vehicle if needed. He loves helping visitors and the staff in any way he can.

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