Hudson, FL – Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point recently honored its teen volunteers at its 17th Annual Teen Appreciation Awards luncheon held on Saturday, August 10, 2013. The awards luncheon was to recognize the services offered by many teen volunteers helping at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. The ceremony was presided over by Marianne Vigilis, manager of Volunteer Services. This would be her last luncheon as she retired at the end of August. With tears in her eyes she told the group what an outstanding group of young men and women volunteered this past summer and it was a credit to their parents.

This summer over 100 teens ranging in age from 13 to 18 volunteered at Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point. They volunteered throughout the hospital in a variety of departments such as: couriers, food and nutrition, environmental services, materials, marketing, the welcome center, and dietary.

Twenty-five teens received their 100 hours of service pin, four received their 500 hours of service pin, and one teen, Austin Atwood, received his 750 hours of service pin and Hans Contreras received his 1,000 hours of service pin. Each teen who attended was presented with a certificate of appreciation and a letter to their school with their hours of service. Many of the students use these hours to apply for scholarships.

At the awards ceremony three particular teens were recognized. The recipients of the first 2013 five star teen volunteer award was awarded to a pair. They are Alex and Jack Moschner. Alex and Jack both started volunteering in June 2012 and both have over 212 hours of volunteer service. They volunteer on Friday evenings which is a difficult shift. They have a lot of discharges on Friday evenings. They managed to handle all the calls by themselves and do a wonderful job. Both of these young men are reliable and hard working. As their Team Leader Dixie Cagle said, “I can always count on them to show up and do an outstanding job. They are a pleasure to work with. We couldn’t give just one brother this honor because they work as a team so we would like to present both Alex and Jack Moschner with the 2013 (5) Star Teen Volunteer Award.

The other winner of the 2013 five star teen volunteer award was Hans Contreras. Hans started volunteering in November 2011 and has 618 hours. He is a Courier on Saturday afternoons. Hans is very busy in school but volunteers during the summer months, holidays and any other Saturday he is available. His Team Leaders as well as the volunteers at Welcome Center A believed he deserved this honor. He is not only a hard worker and reliable, he is a leader and the person they count on when he is here. He is a very kind and respectful young man.