Shayne, Joanne, and Geoff

Hudson/Tampa Bay, FL – Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point announces that JoAnn Hill-Bald received this year’s seventh annual Employee of the Year Award. The Employee of the Year is the employee who best exemplifies employee excellence and is recommended by the Employee Advisory Group (EAG). The Employee of the Year is selected from each of the hospital’s Employees of the Month.

The Employees of the Month in alphabetical order were:

  • Marianne Banet – Emergency Room
  • Christine Drain – Food and Nutrition Services
  • Brad Eastmond – Plant Operations
  • Christina Figueroa – Medical Oncology
  • Debra Fitzgerald – Case Management
  • JoAnn Hill-Bald – EKG Services
  • Deidra Moore – Surgical Services
  • Donald Scalzo – Environmental Services
  • Barbara Stapp – Environmental Services

The Employee of the Year received $250, a plaque, a front row parking spot or pass in the physician’s parking lot for one year, a beautiful dish garden, and their picture on the display at the front entrance.

Joanne Hill Bald

JoAnn Hill-Bald is considered to be one of the rare individuals that consistently place others above herself. One story shared involved a patient that had just had an emergency with his wife close by. Needless to say everyone centered on trying to save a life. At the same time, the patient’s wife was nearby, alone and scared. JoAnn went to the patient’s wife and stayed with her throughout the situation providing emotional support and comfort. She even walked her to her car. Providing this support not only comforted the patient’s wife but allowed the emergency department team to attend to the patient. She became an integral part of a team that made a difference.

JoAnn goes to great lengths to assure patients are taken care of well, that not only their EKGs are performed in a timely manner and accurately, but that any other need they verbalize to her is taken care of as well. JoAnn has received recognition within and outside of the EKG department for her outstanding customer service. She is a true patient advocate and will not stop until she is sure the patient or their family members have their needs met if she is made aware. JoAnn will continue until she finds the right personnel to assist. She presents herself in a very calm and professional demeanor at all times. She has a wonderful sense of humor and uses it appropriately. JoAnn Hill-Bald is the model of behavior that every employee in health care should strive to achieve.