Employee of the Year, Dan Clark

Hudson/Tampa Bay, FL – Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point announces that 100% of the facility’s security officers have passed the International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety Basic and Advanced examinations. The entire group of security officers passed this examination as a unit. Each security officer was required to pass two examinations with a total of 150 questions.

“All of our security officers are members of Yale Enforcement Services, Inc.,” said Joe Menard, Director of Plant Operations at RMCBP. “They are security professionals who bring a high level of expertise and experience to our hospital and we’re proud to have them as part of our team.”

In addition, security officer Robert Olsen was recently recognized with the Employee of the Year award by Yale Enforcement Services, Inc. for his heroic and quick action in preventing a laboratory employee from choking. Recently Yale security Officer Olsen heard a strange noise coming from the laboratory break room. He entered the room and noticed an employee grasping his throat and choking. Officer Olsen immediately applied the Heimlich maneuver. Initially it did not work, but Officer Olsen persisted and the employee coughed and started to breathe. Officer Olsen remained with the employee until his composure was regained and he assured the officer he was fine. Officer Olsen was also honored by Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point in a ceremony presented in the Plant Operations Department and attended by his family, his peers, the plant operations staff and the senior managing team of the hospital.