Hudson/Tampa Bay, FL – Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point announces that on Friday, May 9, 2014, its nursing staff celebrated the “Blessing on the Hands” by Rev. Jack Long, Chaplain. The ceremony was held outside the hospital by the statue of Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr., renowned humanitarian and founder of HCA.

2014 Blessing of the Hands Ceremony
Close up of the pouring of the water during the Blessing of the Hands ceremony
2014 Blessing of the Hands Ceremony
RMCBP Chaplain Jack Long pours water from the chalice on the hands of Janet Brown, Director of the hospital's Neuro Spine Unit

The “Blessing of the Hands” is a brief nondenominational ceremony that symbolizes nursing commitment to care, healing, and relief of pain and suffering. The blessing unites nurses that share the “caring journey.” This ceremony is done around the world for very special occasions. The ceremony recognizes the symbolic work of hands in the relief of pain, the prevention of disease and the comforting of the sick.

“It is quite often in our profession that we take the role of our hands for granted,” said Tanya Simpson, Chief Nursing Officer. “Hands are extremely important in the delivery of clinical care to patients of all ages, bringing new life into the world and offering comfort to those in pain,” she added.

“Nurses attending such ceremonies find that the blessing of the hands reminds them of their deep commitment to and personal involvement in the healing process,” said Chaplain Jack Long. “This spiritual approach recognizes and honors them for their compassionate work.” he added.