hCare Clinician Portal


We are excited to announce the launch of our hCare Clinician Portal. The hCare Portal provides a single electronic access point for physicians to view patient information, clinical data, and clinical information systems through a user-friendly, intuitive interface. You can access the hCare Portal via Simplified Remote Access, or hCare Access (VDI) reducing the number of usernames and passwords that you need to remember. Through either of these secure remote solutions you will be able to access your clinical patient data from any internet enabled location.

Other Access

IT Support

Physician IT Support

  • hCare Portal
  • Remote Access
  • Patient Keeper app
  • VIP Wi-Fi
  • Up-To-Date

For questions or concerns, please contact:
Ashley Pettitt, RN
(727) 869-5496
Helpdesk: (877) 772-2814

Advanced Clinicals – CPOE

  • CPOE ( order entry)
  • Physician Documentation (pDoc)
  • Clinical Review
  • Patient Portal

For questions or concerns, please contact:
Edgar Dadural, RN
(727) 869-5575
CPOE Helpline: Ext. *32763

Every HCA West Florida Hospital has a Physician Support Coordinator to assist you with:

  • Accessing your patient information while at the hospital or remotely from your office or home.
  • Sign up for Electronic Signature - this allows you to sign your dictated reports from outside of the hospital.

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